Peak Design Crystal Award Plaques

Corporate trophy for all events: A tapered diamond shaped column with diagonal cut from top, mounted on a black base. The clear diagonal cut area can be used for engraving. The base is available in black or any custom color of your preference. Remember, crystal awards are not only visually appealing but also carry substantial weight and clarity. Whether it’s for employee service, retirement, or any other milestone, a personalized crystal award makes a lasting impression. Crystal plaque awards are a splendid way to recognize outstanding achievements and commemorate special occasions. Crafted from pure K9 optical crystal, these awards captivate light and create colorful prisms, making them truly stunning. Here are some options for crystal plaques and awards:

This product is available with engraving option.


Unleash Creativity with Glass Art Trophies and Crystal Glass Plaque Awards

Our exquisite glass art trophies and crystal glass plaque awards are more than mere accolades—they are works of art that celebrate innovation, individuality, and exceptional achievements. Crafted by skilled artisans, these unique awards are the perfect choice for avant-garde ceremonies and special occasions.

Here’s why our glass and crystal awards stand out:

  1. Innovation and Individuality: Each award is meticulously handcrafted, showcasing creativity and originality. The interplay of light and crystal creates mesmerizing prisms, making these trophies truly exceptional.
  2. High Value Recognition: Glass trophies and crystal awards hold immense value. They symbolize excellence, dedication, and outstanding performance. When you present one, you’re acknowledging remarkable contributions.
  3. Craftsmanship: These awards are made from moldable glass, achieved through sand firing at extremely high temperatures. The result? Crystal-clear elegance and durability.

At EloquentGift, we offer customized trophy awards, including glass, crystal, and acrylic crystal, all at affordable rates in Nigeria. Whether it’s for employee recognition, corporate milestones, or personal achievements, our trophies are crafted with care and precision.

Order your trophy awards today and experience quick delivery, exceptional quality, and timeless elegance


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