Crystal Plaques & Trophies

Custom crystal awards and trophies are a great way to increase your name recognition while simultaneously awarding your team, employees, clients and business partners alike. We have the ability to create custom crystal awards and various custom etched awards not seen on our website. Crystal gifts have their own charm and elegance. The sparkling beauty and the richness of such gifts speak about elegance, status, and wealth.

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crystal award plaques and trophies. These exquisite pieces combine elegance, craftsmanship, and personalization to honor achievements, celebrate milestones, and recognize outstanding contributions. Whether you’re organizing a corporate event, sports competition, or academic ceremony, crystal awards and plaques add a touch of sophistication and prestige.

Why Choose Crystal Awards and Plaques?

Crystal awards and plaques have several compelling features:

  1. Timeless Beauty:
    • Crystals are known for their clarity, brilliance, and captivating sparkle. They catch and reflect light, creating a mesmerizing effect.
    • The sleek, transparent appearance of crystal exudes sophistication and elegance.
  2. Customization Options:
    • Crystal awards and plaques can be personalized to suit any occasion. You can engrave names, dates, logos, and heartfelt messages.
    • Choose from various shapes, sizes, and designs, including pyramids, diamonds, stars, globes, towers, and flames1.
  3. Versatility:
    • Crystal trophies and plaques are suitable for a wide range of events:
      • Corporate Recognition: Honor top performers, outstanding employees, and business partners.
      • Academic Achievements: Recognize academic excellence, graduation, and scholarly accomplishments.
      • Sports and Competitions: Celebrate victories, championships, and athletic prowess.

Types of Crystal Awards and Trophies

Let’s explore some popular types of crystal awards and trophies:

  1. Crystal Plaques:
    • These flat, rectangular pieces showcase engraved text and logos. Crystal plaques are ideal for commemorating achievements, retirements, and service milestones.
    • Consider a crystal plaque with a custom design that reflects the recipient’s accomplishments.
  2. Crystal Trophies:
    • Crystal trophies come in various shapes and sizes. Some common designs include stars, globes, and flame-shaped crystals.
    • They are perfect for sports events, talent shows, and recognition ceremonies.
  3. Crystal Paperweights:
    • Elegant and functional, crystal paperweights adorn desks and workspaces. They can be engraved with motivational quotes or company logos.
    • A crystal paperweight serves as a constant reminder of success and determination.
  4. Crystal Art Sculptures:
    • For a truly unique award, consider crystal art sculptures. These three-dimensional pieces capture movement, grace, and creativity.
    • Crystal sculptures are excellent choices for artistic achievements and creative endeavors.

Where to Find Crystal Awards and Plaques?

Online Retailers:

    • Explore reputable online stores specializing in awards and recognition products. Websites like offer a vast selection of crystal awards, medals, and plaques

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