Crystal Handshake Award Trophy

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  • Buy this elegant piece of sculpture for your next award from Eloquent Gift and get it delivered in Lagos and other parts of Nigeria and Ghana. Handshake Crystal Awards: features include
    • These awards are crafted from flawless optic crystal and come in various sizes.
    • They typically feature a handshake sculpture etched into the crystal surface, symbolizing partnership, cooperation, and trust.
    • The deep etching is often highlighted with gold fill, adding a touch of sophistication.
    • The crystal plaques are usually mounted on a black crystal base for stability and contrast.
    • Handshake crystal trophies Pricing varies based on quantity, with discounts for larger orders


The Clear Crystal Handshake Award is a distinguished symbol of exemplary collaboration, communication, and partnership. Meticulously crafted with precision and elegance, this prestigious accolade is designed to honor individuals or teams who demonstrate outstanding commitment to fostering meaningful connections in the professional realm. This is a great award plaque design in Nigeria and will make a good give

More than a mere token of appreciation, the Clear Crystal Handshake Award embodies the essence of effective communication and cooperation. Its crystal-clear design represents transparency, honesty, and clarity in interactions, setting the standard for positive and open engagement within the business world.

Recipients of this prestigious award consistently exhibit exceptional interpersonal skills, facilitating successful partnerships and contributing to a harmonious work environment. Whether they are building bridges across departments, cultivating client relationships, or fostering teamwork within an organization, the Clear Crystal Handshake Award recognizes those who go above and beyond in promoting unity and understanding.

The exquisite craftsmanship of the award reflects the significance of the gesture it represents. The crystal material symbolizes resilience and the ability to withstand challenges, mirroring the strength required to maintain strong professional relationships. The handshake motif encapsulates the spirit of cooperation, signifying the importance of a firm and friendly grip in the business landscape.

Presenting the Clear Crystal Handshake Award is not merely a ceremony; it is a celebration of collaboration and the positive impact it has on organizational success. Companies and institutions can utilize this award to acknowledge and motivate employees, fostering a culture of mutual respect and effective teamwork.

In conclusion, the Clear Crystal Handshake Award stands as a beacon of appreciation for those who excel in creating connections and promoting collaboration. It serves as a tangible reminder of the power of effective communication and partnership within the professional world


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