Elegant Glass Plaque with Gold Star

This exquisite world of crystal plaques adorned with gold stars is available with Eloquent Gift Your top crystal award supplier in Nigeria. These elegant awards combine craftsmanship, symbolism, and prestige to honor exceptional achievements. Whether it’s recognizing outstanding employees, commemorating milestones, or celebrating excellence, crystal plaques with silver and gold stars make a lasting impression.

The Gold Star Award Plaque is a masterpiece that blends optical crystal, and a polished gold star. Here are the key features:

  • Crystal Component: Crafted from optical crystal, this plaque exudes clarity and brilliance.
  • Metal Star: A striking gold star graces the bottom of the plaque, symbolizing excellence.
  • Engraving Space: The central arch allows ample room for personalized text or logos.
  • Beveled Edges: Smooth beveled edges enhance the plaque’s aesthetics.
  • Free-Standing: It elegantly stands on any tabletop.
  • Engraving Options: Add custom text or logos for a personalized touch.
  • Infill Requirement: Due to its high-gloss coating, the plaque requires engraving infill.


Gold Star Wooden Glass Plaque

!Gold Star Wooden Glass Plaque

  • Description: This 9.25-inch-tall award seamlessly combines glass and Gold elements:
    • Glass Component: The star-shaped glass detail adds sophistication.
    • Raised Gold Star: A 2D gold shooting star stands out slightly from the crystal top.
    • Smooth Edges: Rounded edges enhance the overall design.

When to Award Crystal Plaques with Silver and Gold Stars

  • Employee Recognition: Acknowledge outstanding performance, dedication, and contributions.
  • Corporate Milestones: Celebrate anniversaries, achievements, and project completions.
  • Academic Excellence: Honor top students, faculty, or researchers.
  • Sports and Arts: Recognize exceptional athletes, artists, or performers.

Remember, these plaques not only commemorate achievements but also inspire others to reach for the stars. Whether in the corporate world, academia, or any field, a crystal plaque with gold stars is a timeless tribute to excellence.


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