Distinction Wing Shape Golden Metal Trophy Plaque

  1. Exquisite Appearance: Crafted from resin, our trophies exude calmness and grandeur. Their golden light symbolizes the highest honor. Whether placed in a bedroom, office, or living room, they transform any space into a beautiful landscape.
  2. Customization Service: We offer free design and typesetting for each trophy. Additionally, a special custom-made box accompanies every trophy. After placing your order, please reach out to us with your desired text for customization. We’ll process your order promptly within 1-3 business days.
  3. Quality Assurance: Our trophies feature a gold-plated appearance and are meticulously crafted from high-density resin. The advanced electroplating process ensures clear patterns that do not fade or peel. The outstanding metal texture results from multiple layers of anti-oxidation treatment, guaranteeing long-lasting beauty.
  4. Meticulous Design: Hand-polished by skilled craftsmen, our trophies undergo meticulous iterations. They offer a comfortable grip, an elegant atmosphere, and strict attention to detail. Exclusive packaging, a stable base, and substantial thickness complete their exceptional design.
  5. Quality Service: If you have any inquiries about this product, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re committed to providing a quality shopping experience and will respond promptly within 24 hours. ✨


Golden Winged Trophy: A Symbol of Triumph and Excellence

The Golden Winged Trophy stands as a beacon of unparalleled achievement and victory. Crafted with precision and elegance, it embodies the soaring spirit of those who have conquered challenges and reached new heights. Eloquent Gift is your unique source for award plaques and trophies in Nigeria. Let’s explore the essence of this remarkable award:

Design and Significance

  1. Golden Glory: The trophy features a gold figure, poised with majestic wings unfurled. These wings symbolize freedom, aspiration, and the ability to rise above adversity.
  2. Elegance and Poise: The graceful lines of the wings evoke a sense of movement and grace. Whether displayed in an office, home, or event venue, the trophy commands attention.
  3. Triumph and Excellence: Each wing represents triumph over obstacles, excellence in one’s field, and the pursuit of greatness.

Features and Specifications

  • Height: The unique Golden Winged Trophy measures nearly 17 inches—a substantial size that makes a statement.
  • Vibrant Colors: The trophy’s vibrant hues celebrate achievement and add visual appeal.
  • Lightweight Construction: Despite its impressive size, the trophy remains lightweight, making it easy to handle and display.
  • Engraving: Your congratulatory message will be elegantly engraved on a black plate at the base of the trophy.
  • Presentation Box: Each trophy is presented in a special box, enhancing its value and appeal.

Versatility and Recognition

  • Corporate Awards: Recognize outstanding employees, leaders, or teams with this prestigious trophy.
  • Personal Achievements: Whether it’s sports, academics, or artistic accomplishments, the Golden Winged Trophy honors personal triumphs.
  • Events and Ceremonies: Use it as a centerpiece during award ceremonies, conferences, or special occasions.

Quality Assurance and Service

  • Durable Materials: The trophy combines a gold-plated appearance with high-density resin, ensuring longevity and visual impact.
  • Exceptional Craftsmanship: Meticulously designed and hand-polished, the trophy exudes quality.
  • Customer Support: Our knowledgeable team is ready to assist you—whether by chat, email, or phone.

Celebrate success, inspire others, and elevate your recognition with the Golden Winged Trophy.

Award Plaque Types we Supply

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