Credit Card/ Business Card USB

We supply USB business cards customized to your brand. Sometimes called a credit card USB Drive, this unique business card can make you stand out of the crowd and market your company or product. Slim and compact, a flash drive in card format slips easily into a wallet, pocket or handbag.  It is great for corporate give-a-ways or trade show promotions.

Your regular business card contains only your logo and contact details but with a USB business card you can share all those details along with your company profile saved in the device. You can save powerpoints, PDF, Videos etc that tells more about your company or brand. Our USB come with a capacity ranging from 512MB to 32GB and a 1 year warranty. It can be in any material-wood, plastic or metal business cards




Let your friends, customer and prospective clients carry your brand along with them. Our clients include Photographers, political parties, fashion designers and training schools in Lagos and beyond

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