Custom USB Wristbands and Bracelets

Your (arm) party is just getting started with our Wrist style USB drives! A sleek flash drive in soft rubberized plastic that’s designed to make your business’ name or logo pop from sunrise to sundown and everywhere in between.


Store your data and wear it too with our Wrist style USB drives – a cool and fashionable way to combine wearable tech and flash drives. They are ideal for students, school clubs, music lovers and concert-goers. Boost your brand by giving away these personalized flash drive bracelets on a college campus, or as part of your marketing goodies at your next event.

They come in a range of trendy colors that you can mix and match with any logo or design. They are made of sturdy rubber that fits snugly around the wrist of your potential customers, keeping your business in their sight and in their mind.


Our standard capacities are listed below, but we can always go beyond standard. We offer nearly any capacity requested.


More About Custom USB Wristbands

Our custom wristband flash drives feature dual print areas, allowing you to showcase your slogan across the band while displaying your logo prominently on the clasp. To further personalize your brand experience, we offer custom color options that perfectly align with your branding, making them an ideal choice for schools, events, fundraisers, concertgoers, or anyone looking to add a stylish touch to their brand. Users can upload and share various types of content, including presentations, promotional materials, music, or artwork. USB wristband flash drives are a versatile tool for branding and sharing data.Capture the attention of the younger generation with our vibrant and stylish USB wristbands. The USB drive chips are discreetly hidden within the wristband for more protection and a sleeker look. The USB wristbands are not just a flash drive but also work as an accessory that can be worn daily, making it a perfect way to promote your brand. The sleek and modern design of wristband flash drives makes them visually appealing and sought after by individuals of all ages.


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