Flame Wooden plaque

Ultra high quality plaque with a natural rosewood stain and a beautiful glossy finish. We at EloquentGift will design and print on the award plaque. We can deliver to any part of the country.

The Flame Wooden Plaque is a symbol of passion, achievement, and inspiration. Crafted with care, these plaques capture the essence of a flickering flame—a force that drives us to excel, innovate, and leave our mark. Whether you’re honoring an outstanding employee, celebrating a milestone, or recognizing a team’s dedication, the Flame Wooden Plaque stands as a powerful testament.

Why Choose Flame Wooden Plaques?

  • Inspiration: The flame motif inspires recipients to reach higher, push boundaries, and keep the fire burning.
  • Memorable Keepsake: These plaques find a special place in offices, homes, or display cabinets.
  • Lasting Impact: A Flame Wooden Plaque isn’t just an award—it’s a reminder of purpose and passion.

Visit our website to explore our collection of Flame Wooden Plaques. Let the flame of excellence burn brightly in your recognition!

Remember, a Flame Wooden Plaque isn’t merely an accolade—it’s a beacon that fuels ambition and celebrates achievement.


Key Features

  1. Dynamic Design: The flame shape evokes energy, determination, and progress. It symbolizes the spark that ignites greatness. Whether it’s a corporate award or an artistic recognition, the Flame Wooden Plaque makes a bold statement.
  2. Natural Wood Beauty: Crafted from premium wood—such as cherry, mahogany, or walnut—the plaques showcase the warmth and character of natural grains. Each piece is unique, adding authenticity to your tribute.
  3. Custom Engraving: Personalize your Flame Wooden Plaque with precision engraving. Add names, dates, logos, and motivational quotes. Our skilled artisans ensure that every detail reflects your vision.
  4. Versatility: Flame plaques suit various occasions:
    • Employee of the Month: Recognize exceptional performance and dedication.
    • Sales Achievements: Celebrate top salespeople or teams.
    • Artistic Honors: Acknowledge creativity, innovation, or artistic contributions.

How to Order

  1. Select Your Wood Finish: Choose the wood type that resonates with your purpose. Each finish has its own allure:
  2. Customize Your Plaque: Provide engraving details. Whether it’s a motivational message or specific accomplishments, we’ll bring it to life.
  3. Review and Approve: Our team will create a digital proof for your approval. Once confirmed, we’ll craft your Flame Wooden Plaque.


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