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  • best crystal award plaque design

    Diamond Crystal Trophy

    Simple crystal diamond mounted on a plinth with a broad base. Highly customizable symbol of recognition and accomplishment. This description highlights its exquisite materials, design, customization options, versatility, elegance, and the sense of honor and achievement it brings to recipients and the spaces it graces. The broad angular base can be used as engraving area.

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  • blue stripe crystal plaque design

    Blue Shadow Crystal Plaque


    The unique dimension seen in this crystal award enhances the optical perfection of this beautiful Blue Shadow award. The design speaks volumes to the recipient of greatness and strength. Consider this award to honor the leaders in your organization. Personalized Crystal Employee Retirement Appreciation Gift Plaque, Graduation Plaque, Crystal Award, Police Awards,Free Engraved Trophy

    Made of K 9 crystal glass , Brilliant shine on this CRYSTAL AWARD
    size:8 inches high,4 3/4 inches wide
    PERFECT FOR anything from employee of the year awards, work anniversary awards, or employee recognition for top achievers

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  • jade crystal award plaque prices

    Peak Design Crystal Award Plaques

    Corporate trophy for all events: A tapered diamond shaped column with diagonal cut from top, mounted on a black base. The clear diagonal cut area can be used for engraving. The base is available in black or any custom color of your preference. Remember, crystal awards are not only visually appealing but also carry substantial weight and clarity. Whether it’s for employee service, retirement, or any other milestone, a personalized crystal award makes a lasting impression. Crystal plaque awards are a splendid way to recognize outstanding achievements and commemorate special occasions. Crafted from pure K9 optical crystal, these awards captivate light and create colorful prisms, making them truly stunning. Here are some options for crystal plaques and awards:

    This product is available with engraving option.

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  • Outstanding service award

    Outstanding Performance Crystal Award Plaque

    Tradition meets modern with our Business Recognition Award. This stately award is widely used to recognize performance in the workplace.  Featuring a modern shape on a traditionally styled base. It’s all united through the use of premium materials such as clear optic, blue optic and gold optic crystal.

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  • handshake award trophy plaque

    Crystal Handshake Award Trophy

    Our custom crystal awards are available in a variety of designs and styles. Crystal awards make the perfect and unique corporate awards, sales awards, business awards and more. We offer guaranteed low prices on all of our crystal awards and free design assistance to make sure your award is perfect. Customize any crystal award with unlimited text and your custom logo. Bulk discounts available on all of our crystal awards – order yours today!

    • Buy this elegant piece of sculpture for your next award from Eloquent Gift and get it delivered in Lagos and other parts of Nigeria and Ghana. Handshake Crystal Awards: features include
      • These awards are crafted from flawless optic crystal and come in various sizes.
      • They typically feature a handshake sculpture etched into the crystal surface, symbolizing partnership, cooperation, and trust.
      • The deep etching is often highlighted with gold fill, adding a touch of sophistication.
      • The crystal plaques are usually mounted on a black crystal base for stability and contrast.
      • Handshake crystal trophies Pricing varies based on quantity, with discounts for larger orders
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  • Clear-Crystal-Glass-Plaque-Sports-awards-Crystal-memento-online-Corporate-trophy-awards-lagos-nigeria

    Wave Cut Clear Crystal Glass Plaque


    Custom crystal awards and trophies are a great way to increase your name recognition while simultaneously awarding your team, employees, clients and business partners alike. We have the ability to create custom crystal awards and various custom etched awards not seen on our website. Crystal gifts have their own charm and elegance. The sparkling beauty and the richness of such gifts speak about elegance, status, and wealth.

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  • cheap wooden award plaque price

    Double Logo Wooden Plaque

    Double Logo Wooden Plaques are a sophisticated and elegant way to commemorate achievements, recognize excellence, or celebrate special occasions. Crafted from high-quality wood, these plaques feature not one, but two custom-engraved logos. Whether you’re honoring an outstanding employee, commemorating a milestone, or celebrating a team’s success, a Double Logo Wooden Plaque adds a touch of warmth and distinction.

    you can chat us up if you wish to order., send your logo and write up that should be on it and it will be ready in the next 24 to 48 hours. Our team will create a masterpiece that reflects your vision.

    Remember, a Double Logo Wooden Plaque isn’t just an award—it’s a lasting tribute that resonates with recipients and leaves a lasting impression. Eloquent Gift has a variety of award plaque designs

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  • wooden shield award plaque

    Wooden Plaque Design

    The Shield Wooden Award Plaque design combines the timeless elegance of wood with the iconic shape of a shield. These plaques are designed to honor achievements, recognize outstanding individuals, and celebrate milestones. Whether it’s for corporate recognition, academic excellence, or sports achievements, a Shield Wooden Award Plaque makes a lasting impression.

    Why Choose Shield Wooden Plaques?

    • Timeless Aesthetics: The combination of wood and shield design ensures a timeless and elegant look.
    • Memorable Keepsake: Recipients will proudly display their plaques in offices, homes, or trophy cases.
    • Meaningful Recognition: A Shield Wooden Award Plaque communicates appreciation and respect.

    Visit our website to explore our collection of Shield Wooden Award Plaques. Whether it’s for an employee, student, or team member, these plaques honor excellence and inspire continued success.

    Remember, a Shield Wooden Award Plaque isn’t just an accolade—it’s a tangible representation of achievement and pride. ️

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  • excellence-wood-award

    Wooden Plaque with Metal Finish

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  • wood plaque design nigeria

    Outstanding Performance Wooden Award Plaque

    Recognizing Excellence with Elegance

    At ELOQUENT, we believe that exceptional achievements deserve to be celebrated in style. Our Outstanding Performance Wooden Award Plaque is a testament to excellence, combining craftsmanship, aesthetics, and personalized design. Whether you’re honoring an employee, a student, or a community leader, this wooden plaque makes a lasting impression.

    Order Your Outstanding Performance Wooden Award Plaque Today!

    Visit our website or contact our team to explore our range of award plaques. Celebrate excellence with a touch of elegance – because outstanding performances deserve nothing less.

    Learn more about our award plaques in Nigeria

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  • congratulatory wooden award plaque

    Congratulatory Wooden Award Plaque

    At ELOQUENT, we understand that milestones and accomplishments deserve more than just a pat on the back. Our Congratulatory Wooden Award Plaque is designed to honor success, inspire motivation, and create lasting memories.

    Order Your Congratulatory Wooden Award Plaque Today!

    Visit our website or contact our team to explore our range of award plaques. Celebrate achievements with elegance – because every success story deserves a standing ovation.

    Learn more about our award plaques designs in Nigeria

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  • flame wooden plaque

    Flame Wooden plaque

    Ultra high quality plaque with a natural rosewood stain and a beautiful glossy finish. We at EloquentGift will design and print on the award plaque. We can deliver to any part of the country.

    The Flame Wooden Plaque is a symbol of passion, achievement, and inspiration. Crafted with care, these plaques capture the essence of a flickering flame—a force that drives us to excel, innovate, and leave our mark. Whether you’re honoring an outstanding employee, celebrating a milestone, or recognizing a team’s dedication, the Flame Wooden Plaque stands as a powerful testament.

    Why Choose Flame Wooden Plaques?

    • Inspiration: The flame motif inspires recipients to reach higher, push boundaries, and keep the fire burning.
    • Memorable Keepsake: These plaques find a special place in offices, homes, or display cabinets.
    • Lasting Impact: A Flame Wooden Plaque isn’t just an award—it’s a reminder of purpose and passion.

    Visit our website to explore our collection of Flame Wooden Plaques. Let the flame of excellence burn brightly in your recognition!

    Remember, a Flame Wooden Plaque isn’t merely an accolade—it’s a beacon that fuels ambition and celebrates achievement.

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