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If you are searching for where to buy award plaques in Lagos, or Nigeria in general, then you are at the right place! We are an award plaques dealer based in Lagos, Nigeria. We design and produce various kinds of plaques ranging from crystal plaquesacrylic plaqueswooden plaques, and metal plaques.

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  • blue stripe crystal plaque design

    Blue Shadow Crystal Plaque


    The unique dimension seen in this crystal award enhances the optical perfection of this beautiful Blue Shadow award. The design speaks volumes to the recipient of greatness and strength. Consider this award to honor the leaders in your organization. Personalized Crystal Employee Retirement Appreciation Gift Plaque, Graduation Plaque, Crystal Award, Police Awards,Free Engraved Trophy

    Made of K 9 crystal glass , Brilliant shine on this CRYSTAL AWARD
    size:8 inches high,4 3/4 inches wide
    PERFECT FOR anything from employee of the year awards, work anniversary awards, or employee recognition for top achievers

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  • glass award plaque design price

    Clear Glass Octagonal Award

    The Glass Octagonal Award combines elegance, clarity, and versatility. Crafted from premium materials, this award is a symbol of achievement, recognition, and excellence. Whether honoring an outstanding employee, celebrating milestones, or commemorating special events, the octagonal design adds a touch of sophistication.

    Crystal awards, with their meaningful and exquisite design, serve as cherished mementos for significant events and accomplishments. Although often associated with luxurious corporate gifts, these awards are now gaining popularity across a diverse range of occasions. The intricate patterns in crystal allow it to captivate light beautifully. Whether you prefer a simple crystal plaque or a distinctively shaped design, our selection offers numerous options. While the distinctions between glass and crystal may appear subtle, it is the crystal’s unique ability to refract all colors within the light spectrum simultaneously that truly sets it apart in terms of clarity.

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  • congratulatory wooden award plaque

    Congratulatory Wooden Award Plaque

    At ELOQUENT, we understand that milestones and accomplishments deserve more than just a pat on the back. Our Congratulatory Wooden Award Plaque is designed to honor success, inspire motivation, and create lasting memories.

    Order Your Congratulatory Wooden Award Plaque Today!

    Visit our website or contact our team to explore our range of award plaques. Celebrate achievements with elegance – because every success story deserves a standing ovation.

    Learn more about our award plaques designs in Nigeria

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  • crown star golden award

    Crown Star Golden Trophy Award

    This trophy can be used for various competition awards and honors. It can also decorate your room to become more stylish and personalized.
    Success in exchange for hard work has the of the trophy. The “weight” that the hands touch is the “weight” of success.
    Each trophy is a testimony of success. It is worth our heart to collect.

    Trophy Parameters
    Name: Trophy
    Color: Copper , Gold , Silver
    Material: Resin
    Weight: 1.5kg
    Size: 8×8×29 cm / 3.1 * 3.1 *11.4 inches
    Purpose: reward, encouragement, commemoration
    Use scenes: sports competitions, annual meeting commendations, outstanding employees, lyrics, dance competitions, etc.

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  • globe crystal trophy award price

    Crystal Globe Award Trophy

    Certainly! Crystal globe awards and plaques are exquisite recognitions that celebrate individuals’ worldly achievements. Whether you’re honoring global impact or acknowledging achievements with a broader reach, these crystal creations are both elegant and meaningful. These crystal globe awards are perfect for recognizing achievements that transcend borders and impact the world. Their timeless design and high-quality craftsmanship make them exceptional tokens of appreciation.

    At EloquentGift.Com, we understand the profound impact a well-crafted award can make. Our crystal globe trophies are meticulously designed, customizable, and competitively priced. Whether you’re celebrating international achievements, corporate milestones, or educational excellence, these awards resonate with elegance and significance.

    Feel free to explore our full collection of Award plaques and trophies and find the perfect tribute for your exceptional recipients1. Remember, each award comes with free engraving and a touch of timeless brilliance.

    Award Plaque Types we Supply

    Crystal Plaques | Acrylic Plaques | Wooden Plaques | Metal Plaques

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  • handshake award trophy plaque

    Crystal Handshake Award Trophy

    Our custom crystal awards are available in a variety of designs and styles. Crystal awards make the perfect and unique corporate awards, sales awards, business awards and more. We offer guaranteed low prices on all of our crystal awards and free design assistance to make sure your award is perfect. Customize any crystal award with unlimited text and your custom logo. Bulk discounts available on all of our crystal awards – order yours today!

    • Buy this elegant piece of sculpture for your next award from Eloquent Gift and get it delivered in Lagos and other parts of Nigeria and Ghana. Handshake Crystal Awards: features include
      • These awards are crafted from flawless optic crystal and come in various sizes.
      • They typically feature a handshake sculpture etched into the crystal surface, symbolizing partnership, cooperation, and trust.
      • The deep etching is often highlighted with gold fill, adding a touch of sophistication.
      • The crystal plaques are usually mounted on a black crystal base for stability and contrast.
      • Handshake crystal trophies Pricing varies based on quantity, with discounts for larger orders
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  • crystal plaque price

    crystal shield award plaque

    Crystal Shield Award Plaques go beyond recognition—they symbolize honor, commitment, and excellence. Whether it’s a corporate milestone or an individual achievement, these crystal awards make a lasting impression!

    Design and Features

    • Shield Shape: The crystal shield plaque represents protection, valor, and honor.
    • Beveled Crystal: The clear crystal shield is beveled for a striking visual effect.
    • Wooden Base: The plaque rests on a highly polished wooden base, exuding sophistication.

    Ideal Occasions for Crystal Shield Awards

    • Employee Recognition: Acknowledge outstanding performance, dedication, and loyalty.
    • Service Awards: Celebrate long-serving employees or volunteers.
    • Public Service: Recognize law enforcement officers, firefighters, and military personnel.
    • Corporate Achievements: Honor top salespeople, executives, or project teams.
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  • best crystal award plaque design

    Diamond Crystal Trophy

    Simple crystal diamond mounted on a plinth with a broad base. Highly customizable symbol of recognition and accomplishment. This description highlights its exquisite materials, design, customization options, versatility, elegance, and the sense of honor and achievement it brings to recipients and the spaces it graces. The broad angular base can be used as engraving area.

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  • golden winged trophy price

    Distinction Wing Shape Golden Metal Trophy Plaque

    1. Exquisite Appearance: Crafted from resin, our trophies exude calmness and grandeur. Their golden light symbolizes the highest honor. Whether placed in a bedroom, office, or living room, they transform any space into a beautiful landscape.
    2. Customization Service: We offer free design and typesetting for each trophy. Additionally, a special custom-made box accompanies every trophy. After placing your order, please reach out to us with your desired text for customization. We’ll process your order promptly within 1-3 business days.
    3. Quality Assurance: Our trophies feature a gold-plated appearance and are meticulously crafted from high-density resin. The advanced electroplating process ensures clear patterns that do not fade or peel. The outstanding metal texture results from multiple layers of anti-oxidation treatment, guaranteeing long-lasting beauty.
    4. Meticulous Design: Hand-polished by skilled craftsmen, our trophies undergo meticulous iterations. They offer a comfortable grip, an elegant atmosphere, and strict attention to detail. Exclusive packaging, a stable base, and substantial thickness complete their exceptional design.
    5. Quality Service: If you have any inquiries about this product, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re committed to providing a quality shopping experience and will respond promptly within 24 hours. ✨
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  • cheap wooden award plaque price

    Double Logo Wooden Plaque

    Double Logo Wooden Plaques are a sophisticated and elegant way to commemorate achievements, recognize excellence, or celebrate special occasions. Crafted from high-quality wood, these plaques feature not one, but two custom-engraved logos. Whether you’re honoring an outstanding employee, commemorating a milestone, or celebrating a team’s success, a Double Logo Wooden Plaque adds a touch of warmth and distinction.

    you can chat us up if you wish to order., send your logo and write up that should be on it and it will be ready in the next 24 to 48 hours. Our team will create a masterpiece that reflects your vision.

    Remember, a Double Logo Wooden Plaque isn’t just an award—it’s a lasting tribute that resonates with recipients and leaves a lasting impression. Eloquent Gift has a variety of award plaque designs

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  • crystal award plaque trophy with star design

    Elegant Glass Plaque with Gold Star

    This exquisite world of crystal plaques adorned with gold stars is available with Eloquent Gift Your top crystal award supplier in Nigeria. These elegant awards combine craftsmanship, symbolism, and prestige to honor exceptional achievements. Whether it’s recognizing outstanding employees, commemorating milestones, or celebrating excellence, crystal plaques with silver and gold stars make a lasting impression.

    The Gold Star Award Plaque is a masterpiece that blends optical crystal, and a polished gold star. Here are the key features:

    • Crystal Component: Crafted from optical crystal, this plaque exudes clarity and brilliance.
    • Metal Star: A striking gold star graces the bottom of the plaque, symbolizing excellence.
    • Engraving Space: The central arch allows ample room for personalized text or logos.
    • Beveled Edges: Smooth beveled edges enhance the plaque’s aesthetics.
    • Free-Standing: It elegantly stands on any tabletop.
    • Engraving Options: Add custom text or logos for a personalized touch.
    • Infill Requirement: Due to its high-gloss coating, the plaque requires engraving infill.
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  • Golden Trophy Champion Trophy Crown Trophy design

    Exclusive High Rise Golden Crown Award Trophy

    Exclusive High Rise Crown Award Trophy A trophy design that you can call your own. This classy, quality design trophy is absolutely Amazing. The recipient of this award will be absolutely speechless. Eloquent Gift is your best source for metal plaques and trophies in Lagos Nigeria

    Honorable Gifts to Winners:

    1. Symbol of Achievement: The trophy serves as a powerful symbol of success, representing the unwavering efforts—both physical and mental—made by individuals.
    2. Package Inclusion: Crafted from high-density resin with a gold-plated cup body, the trophy exudes elegance. Its black glass base can be customized with personalized text.
    3. Versatile Usage: This trophy finds its place in various settings, including sports competitions, annual conferences, employee recognition, lyrical and dance contests, and award ceremonies. It captures and preserves precious moments.
    4. Customization Available: We offer letter customization. If engraving instructions are not received within 24 hours of placing your order, the trophy will be shipped without engraving.
    5. Exceptional Service: For any inquiries, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We take pride in providing top-quality service, ensuring your complete satisfaction with our products. ✨


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Our wealth of experience from so many years of plaque making has propelled us to the position of the best plaque makers in Lagos, Nigeria. We have produced award plaques for clients in various industries and for several different occasions. As a result of this experience, we are able to easily ascertain the kind of message you intend to pass with your award plaque and so, can offer our professional advice on a suitable kind of plaque for your occasion and personality.

Latest Award Plaques Prices in Nigeria

Despite the high quality of the plaques we produce, we ensure that their prices are extremely cheap and affordable. Below are the standard prices of our plaques. Please note that these prices can be negotiable based on the number of award plaques you need, and they do not include the prices of custom plaques.

Crystal Plaques — From  ₦ 25, 000
Acrylic Plaques — From  ₦ 15, 000
Metal Plaques —— From ₦ 28, 000;
Wooden Plaques ——From ₦ 12, 000

When you are looking for a Trophy Supplier in Nigeria, budget is a very important consideration regardless of the size of the entity. Every product is different. A Trophy priced at N12,000 is definitely different from another Trophy priced at N28,000. A customized Trophy price will be expensive for metal and crystal as compared to acrylics and wooden. At the end of the day, you need to weigh the pros and cons of buying with different budgets. Your Award will represent your Corporate Image. A good representation of image through products will have long term returning benefiting factors, both monetarily and non monetary value. This value is definitely why you should consider a higher value trophy, medal, award or plaque at start


Award Plaque Messages

Selecting the perfect words to engrave on an award can be challenging. Depending on the achievement or the individual being honored, finding the right inscription for your trophy is crucial to ensure that the award holds meaning, impact, and remains cherished for years to come. Not everyone tasked with acquiring trophies for an event or an individual possesses the gift of eloquence.

That’s why Eloquent Gift has curated a collection of profoundly meaningful award messages, categorized thematically. Eloquent Gifts’ motivational award messages serve as an excellent way to acknowledge employees’ dedication to excellence or team collaboration during your upcoming award ceremony. Additionally, Eloquent Gift employee awards come adorned with words of recognition, or you can personalize your own message. You can read them here

Free Plaque, Trophy, Cups Engraving/ Personalization

Certainly! At, we provide complimentary engraving and personalization for all our trophies, cups, medals, and crystal awards. Our pricing includes up to 60 characters free on all trophies, as well as free logo engraving and text on our glass and crystal plaques and tableware.

Our diverse selection of Plaques & trophies spans various shapes and sizes, each adorned with unique headers, toppers, columns, and bases. What unites them all is the inclusion of a base that can be engraved or sublimated with your personalized text. The write up can also come on the body instead of the base. Our crystal plaque with large surface area is most suitable for many lines of wording to be laser engraved or sandblast.

Plaques & Trophy Artwork

After we have concluded and you have mobilized your award plaque production, we will supply a proof for your approval free of charge. If required, you can amend your proof seven times, free of charge. Any additional amends thereafter will be charged.

We will email or whatsapp your artwork proof before production begins. Please respond to your proof within 24 hours upon receipt. Proofs that are not approved/responded to in writing within 24 hours may incur a delay to your delivery date. If your order has a time critical delivery deadline, please ensure you communicate in your email response, and we will endeavour to achieve this for you.

Approval of the artwork proof is your final acceptance to proceed. Eloquent Awards will not be responsible for costs related to incorrect engraving or printing. The customer will be liable for all costs, including product, delivery and engraving or printing.

Areas we Supply Award Trophies

We supply award plaques to every area of Lagos, Nigeria, Ghana and indeed all of West Africa. In Lagos alone we cover Ikeja, Lekki, Ajah, Yaba, Apapa,  VI, Surulere, Ikoyi, etc. to mention a few.  Wherever your company or business is we can deliver to that location.

Our top selling series

Lists of some Corporate Awards that we supply are – Recognition Award – Star Performer – Top Sales Plaque – Customer Service Award – Sales Achievement Award – Appreciation Award – Long Service Award – Excellence Award –  Flame Plaque – Diamond Plaque – etc.

And finally, we hope you can give us an opportunity to serve you whenever you need something unique. Our in house designer team will be more than happy to take up your challenge.

Award Plaque Types we Supply

Crystal Plaques | Acrylic Plaques | Wooden Plaques | Metal Plaques